Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Tips on how to get out of friend zone

Are you tired of your lady friends saying that you are cannot be anything more than their friends are? Did you propose to a lady and she told you that you are like brother to her? This can be painful to you, especially if you really love the lady. Many guys have become heartbroken due to this fact. Follow the points here; you will know how to attract women.

·         Do not pressure the lady: You may be pained due to the negative response that you got, but if you mount pressure on the lady due to that, you will have no chance at getting into a relationship with the lady. Let the lady know that you are still interested in being her friend; let her find  solace in you; maintain your friendship with her, do not make her feel you have forsaken her.
·         Reduce attention: If you really want to leave the friend zone, then, you will need to learn the art of how to seduce women. The lady thinks of you as her close friend or like her brother. Use that card to your advantage. Reduce the attention that you used to give to her. Do not entirely run from her. Only make her receive less of what you used to give her in terms of attention. This will make her miss you. All of a sudden, she will feel neglected and alone. You will notice that she will call you incessantly asking to meet with you. When all these are happening, you are telling the lady that you have moved on, and ladies do not want that.
·         Make her know your love for her: In those desperate moments when the lady is always calling you or seeking for attention, do not behave as you do not care. It will ruin everything! Do not spoil what you have been building over time. When you finally meet with her, tell her that you have not forsaken her. Make her know that she is in your thoughts daily. Say to her that you could not bear the thought of not being with her. Her heart will melt with these words.

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